Buck's Deerscent

This year 2016, I, Gail Johnson Huschle, have the unhappy news of announcing my husband, George, has died of cancer on May 25th. George believed he would be able to complete this year's business, and so he made sure there is a supply to be sold. Since I need help with getting product out, a family friend of many years, Doug Manthey of Two Harbors, Minnesota, will be your contact ultimately for orders and shipping. Doug is a long time hunter along with his son Jackson. They are excited to help me this year and hope to find a way to perpetuate the business next year. Be sure to watch the website for future information.

To our 2015 and previous year customers, thanks for your support. We hope to hear from you again this year. We also welcome all new customers. If you haven't tried Buck's Deerscent yet, give it a try. It works.

Buck Johnson the Taxidermist

Deer Head Mount Done In The Late 1940s

Deer Head Mount Done In The Late 1940s

For 63 years we have produced the worst smelling deer scent available, but it continues to work for hunters everywhere. Buck's Deerscent is still made with the same blend of gland secretions mixed with exotic musks and oils. A genuine animal musk with no artificial extracts. Offered in .5 ounce and 1.25 ounce bottles. Packages in bulk boxes and zip lock bags. See our order page for details.

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